The FHA and Reverse Mortgages

The FHA (Federal Housing Administration) was established in 1934. The organization was created to help borrowers during the bankrupt housing market of the Great Depression.
Today the FHA protects the interests of lenders and borrowers alike. The organization supports lenders by insuring bank loans, which guarantees lenders that loans will be repaid in the event [...]

What is Non-Recourse Debt?

Within the context of learning about reverse mortgages, the average consumer may come across the term “non-recourse loan” quite a few times. After all, reverse equity mortgages are indeed a type of “non-recourse debt.” So what, exactly, is non-recourse debt and how does non-recourse debt compare to other types of debt? This article explains what [...]

HECM vs. the Jumbo Private Reverse Mortgage

There are many different types of reverse mortgages available, each with their own lenders, fee schedules, interest rate structures, and more. Two of those mortgage types, the HECM and jumbo reverse mortgage, each offer specific advantages to meet unique borrowers’ needs. Not everyone will benefit from the same type of reverse mortgage, so learning about [...]