Finding an Approved Reverse Mortgage Lender

There are many reverse mortgage lenders marketing themselves to senior homeowners. All one has to do is turn on the television during typical business working hours and to see commercial after commercial targeted to retired homeowners.
Because of the recent surge in reverse mortgage loan popularity, many seniors are jumping on the reverse mortgage bandwagon. [...]

History of Reverse Mortgages

By now, most consumers have at least heard of a “reverse mortgage.” That is because these specialized loans have become increasingly popular in recent years. This article is dedicated to not only defining a reverse mortgage, but also providing a brief history how the loan originated in the United States.
Reverse mortgage loans are a special [...]

Why Do I Have to Complete Reverse Mortgage Counseling?

Federal regulations mandate that all prospective borrowers be required to meet with an independent, third-party reverse mortgage counseling service before they are able to apply for a reverse mortgage.
The counseling sessions are mandatory because many seniors aren’t aware that they have numerous rights and protections in lending and borrowing. Today, many consumer safeguards are [...]

Arm Yourself With Information to Prevent Being Taken In By A Reverse Mortgage Scam

New legislation has been put in place just to help prevent seniors from being taken in by scammers in the reverse mortgage industry. If you or a member of your family is considering a reverse mortgage, read the tips below to help protect yourself from unscrupulous lenders.
Con artists prey on those that are too [...]