Reverse Mortgage Statistics

A reverse mortgage can be defined as a special type of loan used to release the equity in senior homeowners’ homes, allowing older homeowners to realize the equity in their homes without conceding any ownership of the property.

Because of the many desirable aspects of reverse mortgages, this type of loan tends to be a hot [...]

Top 10 Reasons Homeowners Get a Reverse Mortgage

By now, most people know why reverse mortgages got their name: the cash flow is reversed. In a traditional mortgage, the homeowner makes monthly payments to the lender and the equity in the property increases as the mortgage balance decreases. The best feature of a reverse home mortgage is that the senior homeowner (62+) does [...]

The 2007 AARP Survey on Reverse Mortgage

More and more senior homeowners are taking advantages of the conveniences of the reverse mortgage industry. The popularity and widespread exposure of reverse mortgage loans is garnering the attention of many groups geared toward seniors. One such organization is the AARP, or American Association of Retired Persons, which is a non-government organization and special interest [...]